About Us

HolyLandChristianSouvenirs.com was founded in 2007, as an internet based company at Tsemach, Jordan Valley, near the Sea of Galilee, overlooking the Biblical sites of Tabha, Ginnaseret, Peters Warf and Capernaum. HolyLandChristianSouvenirs.com specializes in selling religious gifts and souvenirs from the Holy Land.

HolyLandChristianSouvenirs.com is an authorized distributor of Galilee Creations’s unique products.

Galilee Creations are sculpted in the ancient medium of modeling wax by the hand of the artist: Reuven Efraim Schmalz.
The neighborhood of Jesus and Peter in which the Schmalzs’ settled is a fitting setting for Reuvens’ Biblical art themes.
His love of History, archeology and the Bible lend authenticity to his inspired works.
The Schmalzs’ maintain a small family studio and sculpture workshop at their home where they reproduce Reuvens original art pieces.

Reuven sculpts in the anciently used medium of modeling wax. Each of his intricately detailed original sculptures take as many as hundreds of dedicated hours to create. A mold is then made of the original wax model. The molds are then cast with soft stone mined from a nearby mountain in the Jordan Valley. Each beautiful sculpture is an actual piece of stone from the Holy Land. The cast sculptures are then pigmented with natural minerals, antiqued and sealed to an authentic stone finish.
Reuven Schmalzs’ inspired and affordable artworks have been distributed all over the world and grace homes, offices and houses of worship from China to South America, Australia, Russia, Europe, Iceland, Japan, Africa, the U.S., etc.

Until now the Schmalzs’ have marketed their Biblical art works in giftshops around the Sea of Galilee, as well as in Jerusalem and in other shops around the Holy Land. Their works have also been distributed by mail order in gift catalogs.

Now Reuvens’ works are being offered directly from the artists workshop and can be ordered, Both wholesale and retail from this site.