The Bread of Life Wheat Plate

Beautiful artist's rendered ornamental wall plate displaying a casting of wild Galilee wheat from the fields of Capernaum and scripture verse.
Hand cast in local limestone. Hand painted and mineral patinaed to an authentic antique finish.

Fitted with hang wire for wall or shelf display.

Weight: 1000 gr.
Width: 28 cm, Height: 28 cm, Depth: 3 cm

Hand crafted in the Galilee

The Bread of Life Wheat Plate
The Bread of Life Wheat Plate

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Wild Galilee wheat

Wild Galilee wheat: Triticum dioccoides, is the original species from which Biblical emmer wheat originated. It is considered by botanists to be the "mother" species from which all other wheat species around the world are descended.

Especially prevalent in the lower Galilee; this wild grain was garnered from the open fields and hillsides by the common people.
Innumerable small bowl-shaped mortars are to be found hewn into the hard basalt boulders all around the Sea of Galilee. Occasionally small well-worn round or oblong pestles can be found nearby.
These impressions (approximately 4 inches across by 4 inches deep) have sufficient capacity to grind enough wheat for a single loaf of bread.
The wild wheat ears displayed on the "Bread of Life" plate were personally reaped by the artist in the fields of Capernaum.
A direct-strike mold was made of these ears which were then superimposed upon the plate. Thus, this plate contains a casting of actual "Wild Galilee Wheat".

It was at Capernaum that Jesus proclaimed: "I Am the Bread of Life".
Jesus and his disciples daily partook of bread made from this archaic species of wheat.

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Wheat Plate

The Wheat Plate



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