Galilee Creations

Galilee Creations art pieces are originally hand sculpted in the medium of modeling wax by the artist's hand. The wax is specially blended by the artist as to pliancy versus rigidity to meet the needs of each individual piece.
These art pieces recast insoft stone mined from a mountain in the Jordan Valley of Israel. Thus, each sculpture is an actual piece of the Holy Land.

Our Products

Holy Land Parcels

Welcome, You just made the first step towards becoming a proud owner of a unique and special parcel of land in the HOLY-LAND!!!
Holy Land Parcels, Ltd. is proud to grant you with One Square Inch of Land in the BIBLE-LAND.

You can join now the exclusive family of Holy-Land Landowners and get your Parcel of Land, gaining possession on a unique and everlasting plot of land, which cannot be purchased anywhere else!.
Today, you too, can become a real partner of this wonderful Land, by registering in your name this symbolic, but yet, so significant and special parcel of land. Read more... on the go!
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