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Holy Land Parcels

Welcome, You just made the first step towards becoming a proud owner of a unique and special parcel of land in the HOLY-LAND!!!
Holy Land Parcels, Ltd. is proud to grant you with One Square Inch of Land in the BIBLE-LAND.

For thousands of years, millions of Christians and Jews have longed for the experience of being a part of the Holy-Land. We at Holy Land Parcels Ltd, a company based in Jerusalem, are offering you a unique opportunity to become part of the Bible-Land and get your own personal Biblical Heritage.
You can join now the exclusive family of Holy-Land Landowners and get your Parcel of Land, gaining possession on a unique and everlasting plot of land, which cannot be purchased anywhere else!.
Today, you too, can become a real partner of this wonderful Land, by registering in your name this symbolic, but yet, so significant and special parcel of land.
This Plot of one square inch is located on the hills of Magdalla, in the heart of Galilee, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Capernaum, Tabgha, Mount Beatitudes, Genazareth, Korazim, Kursi, Beit-tzaida, Golan Heights and many more Biblical sites. It is also in the vicinity of Mount Tabor, Nazareth and Cana.

We have completed all the necessary formalities, in order to enable you to register this unique and so special Parcel of Land, in your own name in the Books of Property of Holy Land Parcels, Ltd.

We at Holy Land Parcels, Ltd. are sure that you will have great pleasure in owing your own exclusive piece of God's own country. Your Parcel of one square inch in the Holy-Land is just a click away!.

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About Holy Land Parcels

HOLY LAND PARCELS Ltd. is a privately-owned company, based in the Holy City of Jerusalem, Israel.

It was the initiative of Mr. Benjamin Shavit, who has been involved in the Tourism and Pilgrimage business for over 30 years.

During all this time, he has hardly found a gift that was unique and special and yet, meaningful and affordable to every-one. A gift that will not only satisfy the buyer upon purchasing it, but will give him or her, pride and pleasure many years after.

The luck of a quality gift from Israel is even more noticeable on the web. It seemed that our rich and unique Historical and Biblical heritage was being over-shadowed by an enormous amount of low quality items that all looked the same.

We at Holy-Land Parcels Ltd. decided to offer a unique and everlasting item that will strengthen your ties to the Bible Land.

When we came up with the idea to enable people to become real partners of this unique land, we explored the Holy Land with the aim of finding a suitable Plot of Land for this special purpose.

We finally found this beautiful Parcel, on the Hills of Magdalla, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. The area where Jesus was born, lived and performed Miracles. In Israel, almost 100% of the Land, is owned by the government! It is though, impossible to execute such operation of giving Plots of Land for FREE ! Therefore, finding a completely privately owned Land, enabled us to go ahead and offer you a unique gift idea, you can give it as a gift for yourself or give it to your loved ones as a Christmas gift or on their birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion.

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Legalities & Regulations

WHEREAS Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, a registered Israeli Company is the owner of a plot of land registered in the Bureau of Land in the town of Nazareth as Lot 15508 Parcel 44 located in Galilee, on the hills of Magdala. The Parcel is of approximately 2000 square meters, and is desirous of "subdividing" this parcel into one square inch lots and issuing "Deeds of land ownership" And, WHEREAS Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, declares that the issuance and/or sale of these Deeds does not constitute the sale of real estate and that these deeds will be issued for novelty purposes only, not as an investment.

THEREFORE; Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, establishes the following covenants, restrictions and limitations upon each of the parcels and on the ownership:

  1. The Owner shall not make any improvements to or develop the parcel.
  2. Owner shall not occupy the parcel.
  3. Owner grants rights of ingress and egress over the parcels.
  4. The deeds cannot be sold by the owner for a profit.
  5. Owner shall not receive any income or financial benefits from the parcels.
  6. Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, is the managing agent of the property.
  7. Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, will be responsible for all real estate taxes.
  8. Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, will comply with all local rules and regulations.
  9. The number of Deeds issued by Holy Land Parcels, Ltd, will not exceed the number of square inches in the property.
  10. Ownership will be registered only in the books of Holy Land Parcels, Ltd.
  11. Ownership is subject to the approval of Holy Land Parcels, Ltd.
  12. Free ownership will be subject to renewal upon request of Holy Land Parcels Ltd. It is only when holding a personalized Deed that ownership will be for ever.

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Where exactly is the Land located?
The Land is located on the hills of the modern village of Migdal, Biblically known as Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalene. It is a few miles north of the city of Tiberias.

What else is in the area?
The northern part of Israel is called the Galilee. It is the nicest part of the country. The only lake of fresh water is here. During the Second Temple period, this area was heavily populated by Jews. Many of the towns of today still have Biblical names. The New Testament describes in details the life of Jesus and his activity in the Galilee. There are many archeological remains from this period. Around the lake you can visit Capernaum, The Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Gadara, Kursi, The Jordan River and many more Historical and Biblical sites.

What is so special about the Land?
For the first time in history, you are given the possibility to get ownership on a Land in the Holy-Land for free. Despite of the small size, you can still claim ownership on a Parcel of Land, in the Land of the Lord. In addition you can purchase a unique Deed of Land to prove your ownership, and show it to your friends and family.

What is exactly the size of my Land?
The whole Plot is about 2000 square yards. Your Parcel is of one square inch.

What is on the Lot today?
The Parcel has a grove of Mango and Avocado trees.

Is there any thing I can do with the Land?
Only to be proud that you are a part of the Land of God. On such a small plot, of one square inch, your ownership is only symbolic. However, the idea is that you will be able to share with your friends the fact that you do own Land in the Holy-Land, and that you got it for free. Holy Land Parcels Ltd. enables you to purchase a personalized beautiful and decorative Deed of Land, certifying your ownership. This of course, will enable you to show your ownership to all your friends and family. (And maybe, make them also part of the Land of the Bible). You cannot build on the Land nor can you improve, develop or live on it. Ownership on the Land is only for Novelty purposes.

Can I sell my Land?
Ownership is personalized and cannot be sold.

Who is paying land taxes on the Parcel?
Holy Land Parcels Ltd. has taken over all responsibilities concerning property taxes and all legal actions and regulations will be under the responsibility of Holy Land Parcels Ltd. You will never have to pay any taxes on the Land.

Where is my ownership registered?
Your ownership of one square inch is registered only in the Property Books of Holy Land Parcels Ltd. No records of your ownership are recorded in the State Bureau of Land in Nazareth. The whole Lot of approximately 2000 square meters is registered under the name of Holy Land Parcels Ltd. in the Bureau of Land in the town of Nazareth. It is recorded as Lot 15508 Parcel 44, located in the town area of Migdal ( Magdala ) in Galilee.

Do I have to renew my ownership?
If you have only registered on the web, you will be regularly required by email to update your ownership recorded in the Books of Property of Holy Land Parcels Ltd. If you choose to purchase a Deed of Land, this will be your proof to your eternal ownership.

Is this legal in Israel?
Yes. Ownership is for novelty and sentimental purposes only. Deeds of Land are not intended for investment purposes and cannot be sold by owners for profit.

Can I give my Deed of Land to others?
You cannot give your Deed of Land to others. Each Deed is numbered and personalized and belongs to the person recorded. However, why not give a Deed of Land in the Holy-Land as a gift? This is a special and unique gift you can please your loved ones with.

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